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Have a secret affair with a woman or a man in the townships and towns in Switzerland

  • Aargau 
    • Wettingen, Aarau, Baden, Wohlen, Rheinfelden, Oftringen, Brugg, Zofingen Spreitenbach, Suhr 
  • Appenzell Ausserrhoden
    • Herisau, Teufen, Heiden, Speicher, Gays, Urnäsch Walzenhausen Trogen Waldstatt, Wolfhalden, Rehetobel 
  • Appenzell Innerrhoden
    • Rüte, Schwende Oberegg Gonten Schlatt-Haslen 
  • Basel-Landschaft 
    • Allschwil, Reinach, Muttenz, Pratteln, Binningen, Liestal, Münchenstein Oberwil Birsfelden, Aesch 
  • Basel-Stadt
    • Basel, Bettingen, Riehen 
  • Bern
    • Bern, Biel, Thun, Köniz, Steffisburg, Berthoud, Ostermundigen, Langenthal, Muri bei Bern, Spiez 
  • Fribourg
    • Fribourg, Bulle, Villars-sur-Glâne, Marly, Düdingen (Guin), Morat (Murten), Châtel-Saint-Denis, Estavayer-le-Lac, Wünnewil-Flamatt Romont 
  • Geneva
    • Geneva Vernier, Lancy, Meyrin, Carouge, Onex, Thônex, Versoix, Le Grand-Saconnex, Chêne-Bougeries
  • Glarus
    • North Glarus, Glarus Centre, South Glarus 
  • Graubünden
    • Chur, Davos, Igis, Domat / Ems, St. Moritz, Klosters, Poschiavo, Arosa, Zizers, Trimmis 
  • Jura
    • Delémont, Haute-Sorne Porrentruy Wrath Courrendlin, Saignelégier Courtételle, Courgenay Vicques, Alle 
  • Lucerne
    • Lucerne, Emmen, Kriens, Horw, Ebikon, Sursee Hochdorf Willisau, Rothenburg, Meggen 
  • Neuchâtel
    • La Chaux-de-Fonds, Neuchâtel, Val-de-Ruz, Val-de-Travers, Le Locle, Milvignes, Peseux, Boudry, La Tene, Cortaillod 
  • Nidwalden
    • Stans, Hergiswil, Buochs, Stansstad, Ennetbürgen, Beckenried 
  • Obwalden
    • Sarnen, Kerns, Alpnach Sachseln, Engelberg, Giswil 
  • Schaffhausen
    • Schaffhausen, Nohl, Thayngen, Beringen, Stein am Rhein, Hallau Neunkirch, Schleitheim Wilchingen, Ramsen 
  • Schwyz
    • Freienbach, Schwyz, Einsiedeln, Küssnachtersee, Arth, Schübelbach, Unterschönenbuch, Lachen, Wollerau, Altendorf 
  • Solothurn
    • Olten, Grenchen, Solothurn Zuchwil Biberist, Dornach, Trimbach, Derendingen, Balsthal Bellach 
  • St. Gallen
    • St. Gallen, Rapperswil-Jona, Wil, Gossau Uzwil, Altstätten, Buchs, Flawil, Goldach, Wittenbach 
  • Thurgau
    • Frauenfeld, Kreuzlingen, Arbon, Amriswil, Weinfelden Romanshorn Aadorf Sirnach, Bischofszell Münchwilen 
  • Ticino
    • Bellinzona, Mendrisio Chiasso, Minusio Capriasca Biasca, Ascona, Morbio Inferiore, Stabio Arbedo-Castione 
  • Uri 
    • Altdorf, Schattdorf Bürglen, Erstfeld Silenen 
  • Valais
    • Sion, Monthey, Sierre, Martigny, Brig-Glis, Naters Chollombey-Muraz, Bagnes, Conthey, Fully 
  • Vaud
    • Lausanne, Yverdon-les-Bains, Montreux, Renens, Nyon, Vevey, Pully, Morges, Prilly, Gland, Écublens, La Tour-de-Peilz, Eagle, Lutry, Payerne, Epalinges 
  • Zug
    • Zug, Baar, Cham, Steinhausen, Risch-Rotkreuz, Hünenberg, Unterägeri Oberägeri, Menzingen 
  • Zürich
    • Zurich, Winterthur, Uster, Dübendorf, Dietikon, Wetzikon Wädenswil, Horgen, Kloten, Thalwil, Adliswil Bülach Regensdorf Volketswil Illnau-Effretikon, Schlieren, Stafa, Glattbrugg, Küsnacht Wallisellen Meilen Zollikon Richterswil Rüti affoltern am Albis, Pfäffikon

Men tricks for a new one night stand

Having an one evening is actually one of the most popular things most modern women and men enter. For them, casual intercourse is a convenient solution to know their date or perhaps a newly met person. Nevertheless there are several important things you should look at to be able to obtain the full blow of informal sex. For starters, one night stand should have no strings attached or such so as to prevent any emotional issues, especially if you already attached to someone. Come to think of it, the girl you pick might just make something more of the sex - and you don’t. So here are other important things that will help your planned one night stand adventure matter for the moments you’re with her. The ideas should equip you with ticks and tips to making your one night stand more satisfying and enjoyable, but with no worries and fears.

Go to her place. Did you know that it is more preferred and suggested to go to her place instead on having the one night stand in your place. The reason for this is that you don’t know much more about this girl. What if she is a psycho? Just think about this, if you are in her place then there is more chance for you to escape when things get rough instead of having it in your place. If you will do the one night stand in your place and things get messed up then there is less chance for you to ask her to leave.

Be more adventurous - but not an ass! It is important that you stay vocal with the girl. Bear in mind that it is important to have an open communication with the girl before you start your one night stand moment! You just don’t know whether this girl is conservative or not. Consider her wants and needs so as to get the most amazing results of your tryst.

But don’t be an ass at any moment in the short time. Even if this is going to be an one night stand, make sure not to hurt her feelings and end up the one night stand moment roughly. Make her feel good after the sex, not violated or humiliated. Communicate with her nicely instead, even if you want to walk out the door. Who knows, the girl is someone you wanna pursue a relationship with!

Be safe and protected - always. Since an one night stand has risks and other worries attached, it is important that you stay and be safe always. It is important that you stay safe and should not bring any fears and worries when you finally go home after that night.

Among the risks would be sexually transmitted diseases, being accused of taking more than what she consented for, or ending with her stalking you! More risks include being robbed or accused of robbing, getting your personal information that mustn’t be revealed to anyone, or being infected with easily communicable diseases. When an one night stand gets to such points, it will cause you tons of problems and issues. You might end up in the front of the altar with a shotgun wedding or worst you might end up needing serious medical attention!

Once is enough. There are some people who actually look for an one night stand for same reasons. They may even have a bad relationship with their past lovers that they tend to find intimacy and affection from other people. But make sure to have one night stand once and that’s that - no more, no less! This wards off possible attachment issues that could only end up messing your life the morning after. Even if the girl seeks you out and starts a drama, if you don’t want to spend another tryst with her, then make it so!

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